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Job Guarantee in WEB DESIGNING
Job Guarantee in WEB DESIGNING

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      Because of the growth in Mobile Commerce (900% growth in 2013 to 2016) & Apps, 60,000 UX/UI Designers are required in IT & other MNC companies in India & only 3,000 are available today in India.
       Uber, the world's largest taxi company, owns no vehicles.

Facebook, the world's most popular media owner, creates no content. Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Linkedin & others are successful because of the User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) they provide. The value is in the Experience & Interface not the products.

Student Testimonial

Edit Student Testimonials
Nupur Malankar
Before I started my UI/UX Design Diploma with Edit, I was a full time UI developer. Transitioning into UI/UX was my dream and passion. Edit helped me with achieving that smoothly.

Student Portfolio

Edit Student Portfoliowww.akshaysawantuid.com
Student: Akshay Sawant
Course - UX + UI Designer
Education - B.C.A.

Latest Placements

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Soumya Kangandula
Company : Reigns infotech
Designation : UX Designer
Salary : Rs.15,000/- pm

Company Testimonial

Company Testimonials For Edit Institute
The resources hired from Edit Institute are very potential...
Snehal Jathar, Human Resources

Current Vacancies

Designation : Web + UI Designer
Positions : 1

MuGenesys Software Pvt. Ltd.
Designation : UI Designer
Positions : 5

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Industry Interaction Program 10th march 2018

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We do Corporate Training for
- HTML 5 CSS 3
- Responsive Website
- Web + SEO
- Digital Marketing
- Mobile Site Design

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We do not charge to company or student for placement. Submit your requirements in the field of website designing & digital marketing with detail job description.

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UX / UI Design


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Graphic Design


Diploma In Web / UI Developer

Diploma In
Digital Marketing


Diploma In Digital Marketing

Diploma In


Diploma In Design, Development & Digital Marketing


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