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Why UX / UI Design?

Uber, the worlds largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the worlds most popular media owner, creates no content. Uber, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Linkedin & others are successful because of the User Experience (UX Design) and User Interface (UI Design) they provide.

Career Opportunities in the field of UI Design and UX Design

As per The Economics Times, UI Design is on the top of the list for most in demand 10 skills in demand in the industry now. This demand is increasing rapidly each year. Design Agencies and IT companies hire most of the UX & UI Designers at very rewarding job positions. Freelancing is also a very good option in this field with several corporates having a high requirement for UX and UI professionals.

Role of UX Designers

A User Experience (UX) Designer does User Research and defines User Needs which is the first step to design a good solution for the user. The next step is designing the Information Architecture which defines the navigation and sitemap in case of a app or website. The UX designer then creates Low Fidelity or Rough Wireframes to explain the required User Flow & User Journey to the UI Designer who has to make the actual layout of the app or website.

Role of UI Designers

A UI Designer designs Responsive Web Layouts and Mobile App Screens using design software tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. The UI Designer uses platform knowledge (Android, iOS & Web) and latest trends like Material Design to make design user friendly and also enhances usability by selecting correct colors and typography. Knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 coding is an added advantage for a UI Designer.

Both UX Designer and UI Designer roles are in high demand in the Indian as well as International job scenario.

Mobile App Designs by EDIT Students


What Our Students Say

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    "EDIT's excellent teaching methods & projects helped me achieving my dream & passion to become UI designer. The course help me to clear my concepts of UX/UI Design and gave hands on practicals on Mobile App and Responsive Website design. Thanks Edit."
    Madhuri Vaidya
    UI Designer @ TechVed

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    Edit Institute showed me the path to fulfill my dreams. You just need dedication and commitment towards learning - then everything is possible. My parents feel proud that I am doing good in my career. I would recommend EDIT INSTITUTE to all my friends interested in IT career after graduation.'
    Pravin Pawar
    Graphic / UI Designer @ HARBINGER INTERACTIVE

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    "At EDIT I was exposed to the world of web and mobile applications, the importance of responsiveness in today's digital era and the constantly changing technology. The faculty has always been very supportive and encouraging. I thank the institute for a great learning experience and the knowledge imparted would definitely go a long way."
    Amruta Patil
    UI Designer @ Rise Solutions

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    "The faculties, staff and placement department are very helpful and are always present to clear our doubts and to lead us in the right path. I would say Edit Institute is doing a great job they are upto date to the requirement of current job market. The exposure they provide is far way good for the person who wants to achieve something. Thanks Edit."
    Soumya Kangandula
    UI Designer @ Reigns infotech

Top Courses for UX and UI Design in Mumbai and Pune

Diploma Course in App Design ( UX / UI )

Anything less than an awesome user experience (UX) is no good today. A well-developed user interface (UI) can make or break your product. So kickstart your career in this exciting & creative field...


Diploma Course in Graphic / UI Design

A good graphic design is the one which not only looks good but also works well for the user. Graphic design skills (Color, Composition & Typography) are important to become a good UI designer


Student Portfolios

At EDIT, we give attention to make sure each student makes a live portfolio as per the current industry standards.


Placements for UI Design

Shyam Dhoke was placed as User Interface Designer
at Yash Technologies


Corporate Training

We provide training to corporates in Mobile App UI Design & Responsive Web Layout Design


Latest Events

We conduct seminars / workshops in colleges & organize multiple industry interactions for our students.


Company Testimonials

EDIT institute is providing us skilled candidates from last 10 years, in the field of Web & UI Design...


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Edit was established 25 yrs back. We are a training institute in the field of Gr. Design, Web Design, UI Design & UX Design for Mobile App and responsive website. Our unique Aptitude test systematically checks the Creative Aptitude, Logical Ability & Communications Skills. According to the interest and aptitude, we guide students for appropriate courses. Our training in UI Design is based on current industry requirements which helps students to get a job immediately after completing the course.

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